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Holly Schroder is a multi-media artist whose practise includes painting and moving image light projections. Her work explores the intersection of different subjects, often drawn from figures, landscapes, architecture, and colors, as well as symbolic references to her personal experiences. In the process of creating her art, Holly employs a layering technique that distorts, extrudes, and merges the content of her work, resulting in hybrid forms that may lose their original representation in a new context.


A central concept in Holly’s work is Pareidolia, the perception of familiar patterns where none actually exist. This phenomenon can occur when the brain is overwhelmed with stimulus and continues to perceive it even when it is no longer present, disrupting one's perception of reality. Holly aims to create an unravelling experience for the viewer, with the intention that the more time one spends with the work, the more they will discover.


Holly holds a Bachelor of Visual Art from Auckland University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies from the Media Design School in New Zealand. Born and raised in Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island, Holly has been based in Auckland since 2015.

Holly has a rich history of participation in group exhibitions, public installation projects, and solo exhibitions.

Colourful abstract artwork

Continuity, 2000 x 1300mm, Acrylic, Ink & Oil on Canvas, 2022


"I want to challenge the viewer's perception and encourage them to engage with the work on a deeper level. Using layering and distorting techniques in my paintings and projections is an attempt to add an element of complexity and invites the viewer to spend more time with the work in order to fully understand and appreciate it. By intentionally manipulating familiar patterns and stimuli, I want to encourage the viewer to question their own perception and understanding of reality. This can be a thought-provoking and immersive experience for the viewer as they try to decipher the various elements and meanings within the work"

A picture of Holly Schroder painting in studio

Holly in her Auckland studio, 2021

A photo of the Schroder family

The Schroder Family at Schroder's Glass, Hokitika, 2000


"When we encounter something, especially an abstract image or idea, our minds naturally try to make sense of what we are looking at by picking out and deciphering different subjects and creating stories, meanings, and conclusions. My goal is to provide the viewer with limited information and triggers that allow their mind to start coming up with their own interpretations and stories. Our unique experiences shape our worldviews, and there is no universal truth to the reality we encounter - only the interpretations we create in our minds. Although I intentionally choose the subjects of my work, which are often drawn from photos I have taken or symbolic references, my intention is not for the viewer to decipher my specific story, but rather to tell their own.

In addition to inviting the viewer to engage with the content of my work, I also strive to create a physical sensation for the viewer through the use of optical illusion techniques. I create depth in my pieces by making some elements appear to be drawing away from the viewer or jumping out of the canvas, and I use techniques like simultaneous contrast to alter the viewer's perception of the piece. Overall, my goal is to create an immersive and interactive experience for the viewer, inviting them to spend time with the work and make their own connections and interpretations."

a light installation in auckland, new zealand by holly schroder

Light Installation, Alberts, Auckland, 2019

Light Installation, Commissioned by Asahi NZ, Auckland, 2022

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