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02 - 05 June

Astor Bristed Gallery

3/54 Buckingham Street,

Misshapen is an immersive light installation that delves into the complex relationship between experience and memory. Through the interplay of light and medium, this work captures the distortion that inevitably occurs as we remember our past. Drawing on personal experiences, this piece explores how our memories are shaped by emotional intensity and often coloured by our subjective judgments.


This installation invites viewers to engage with the work and consider the ways in which we distort and manipulate our memories over time. As we mull over past experiences, our minds can alter and bend or warp the ‘truth’. We challenge you to confront this process, embrace the present moment and contemplate the power you hold in shaping your own memories.


Will you remember this experience as you felt it, or will you colour in the details a little differently?


Light Projection onto fabric

Quay Street Auckland

Commissioned by Asahi NZ

June 2021

This work was commissioned by Asahi NZ as part of their "Discover is Calling" campaign.  


The large-scale light installation was displayed in an empty building on Quay Street, looking over the Auckland waterfront. With two projectors casting light onto meters of translucent fabric suspended from the ceiling, the immersive artwork distorted moving images through layering techniques. The work created an ethereal space, captivated by the interplay of light and textures. Exploring the concept of Pareidolia - when the mind grasps at familiar patterns of something when none actually exists. Exploring illusions, and inviting one to ponder the boundaries of perception.


Light Projection onto fabric

Albert Members Club, Auckland

November 2020

During the renovation of the Alberts members club in 2020, there was a vacant 7th floor. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, the space embraced the cityscape of lower Auckland CBD. 

This installation delved into the essence of revelation and the ever-evolving nature of perception. The artwork unveiled a profound exploration of how time unravels hidden truths and reshapes our understanding of the world. Documented by Jeremy Ho.


Light Projection onto screens

Commissioned by Viaduct Harbour


Artweek Auckland

With assistance from Angus Muir Design

Viaduct Harbour is an intersection of movement; people, boats and tides. The large canopy is transformed into a unique structure where you can become immersed.

This installation is a combination of sound, light and texture. The scale and structure of the work provide a unique viewing perspective from every angle. The experience of the work is about being taken on a journey, through rhythms, movements and emotions. As you spend time with the work, more of it will emerge. 

The theme of emergence has been core to Holly Schroder's visual art practice, comprising both mediums: painting and light installation. Her work is a collage of experiences; often taking scenes and subjects from different environments and intertwining or merging them together through gestures, allowing multiple possibilities of how something can be interpreted. The layering of lines creates a complex landscape, and the experience of the work becomes an unravelling process, emerging over time. 

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