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Misshapen is an immersive light installation that delves into the complex relationship between experience and memory. Through the interplay of light and medium, this work captures the distortion that inevitably occurs as we remember our past. Drawing on personal experiences, this piece explores how our memories are shaped by emotional intensity and often coloured by our subjective judgments.


This installation invites viewers to engage with the work and consider the ways in which we distort and manipulate our memories over time. As we mull over past experiences, our minds can alter and bend or warp the ‘truth’. We challenge you to confront this process, embrace the present moment and contemplate the power you hold in shaping your own memories.


Will you remember this experience as you felt it, or will you colour in the details a little differently?

Opening: Thursday 01 June, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Kings Birthday Weekend
02 - 05 June, 10am - 4pm Daily

Astor Bristed Gallery
3/54 Buckingham Street,

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