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Pareidolia is when the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.  For example, visual representations may appear when looking at clouds or rock formations. Pareidolia occurs when the brain is bombarded with a stimulus; causing it to continue to perceive that stimulus even when it is not present. Therefore, the act of learning something too well will interfere with one’s perception of reality. 


Jumping and shifting between figuration and abstraction. Fluid lines and connecting forms blur the boundaries between what a gesture suggests or represents, allowing multiple possibilities of what something could be.


“I want the work to unravel over time, for some things to hide and some things to emerge”. The more time you spend contemplating the work, the more will reveal itself.


My multi-media practice comprises of both painting and moving image light projections. The work often draws inspiration from subjects of different environments and merging these together through movement patterns. Often movements catch my eye and turn into inspiration for multiple works. I like how there can be multiple stories playing out simultaneously in one work, and how each subject is connected and interacting with the subject next to it. The title of each work is referenced to a movement quality.


I completed a Bachelor of Visual Art majoring in painting from Auckland University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies from the Media Design School in New Zealand. Over the years I have been involved in a number of groups, solo exhibitions, and public installation works. 


Email: holly@schroderholly.com

Phone: +44 7785559771 or +64 220635641

Instagram: @schroder_holly

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